Tomingley Gold Project (Gold;  EL5675, 5830, 5942, 6085



The Tomingley Gold Project consists of four exploration licences cover an area totalling approximately 270km2 and extend from north of Tomingley to near Parkes in the south.

Current project status

The licences cover an interpreted band of Ordovician volcanic rocks (Mingelo Volcanics) which are host to the gold mineralisation at the Tomingley Gold Operations (TGO) mine and at Peak Hill Gold Mine.  Several historic workings lie within the exploration licences including the Myalls United Mine which produced approximately 70,000 ounces of gold up to 1917 and the Patons and Crowhurst & Sons mines in Tomingley village and numerous small prospects such as Smiths, Trewilga and McGregors.

The underlying geology within the exploration licences is largely obscured by a recent alluvial cover sequence up to 100m thick.  Interpretation of the bedrock geology has relied on the evaluation of detailed aeromagnetic data combined with information from air core drilling traverses either completed by Alkane or previous explorers.

Alkane has been actively exploring within the licences since 2001 with the discovery of the deposits which form the TGO.  Orogenic gold mineralisation has also been identified at Tomingley One and Two to the north of Tomingley village, McLeans immediately south of Myalls United and at Smiths, about 5km south of TGO.  Previous explorers have identified porphyry style alteration with low Cu-Au grades to the west of Tomingley.  All these prospects require further work to fully evaluate their economic potential and several other areas with a similar geological setting to the deposits at TGO are interpreted within the licences and require initial assessment by drilling.