Research Reports



May 15

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Edison: Getting back on track at the TGO

April 27

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PETRA: MQ'17 Production Results - Much Improved



December 20 

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Edison: Staged DZP plan de-risks financing and off-take

December 7

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PETRA: Good things come to those who wait

October 28


Edison: MoU Signed with Siemens

July 27


Edison: TGO in line with guidance, DZP shovel ready

July 19


Hallgarten: Alkane Resources - The "Great Survivor" of the Speciality Metals Space

July 15

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Hartleys: TGO solid JunQ, delivers within FY16 guidance

April 21

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Hartleys: TGO gold production maintained but costs higher

April 14

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Edison: Hello from Hanoi - Critical rare earth agreement

April 7

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PETRA Capital: REE Tolling Agreement

March 15


Edison: Clear path to financing and securing off-takes

February 11

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PETRA Capital: The sleeper must awaken

February 1

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Hartley: TGO gold production lower but within forecasts

February 1

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Edison: Gold production on target, costs within budget



December 11

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Hartley: A Tech Miner for the Future

October 19

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Edison: Ready to develop with more value to come

September 25

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PETRA Capital: An emerging strategic metals business

August 4

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Edison: TGO hits targets, DZP hafnium aids upside

April 27

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PETRA Capital: Lower gold production, but Dubbo nearing approval

February 25

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PETRA Capital: Rare earths moving up

February 16


PETRA Capital: DZP receives conditional approval

January 30

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Edison: All fronts moving forward

January 29

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PETRA Capital: Solid quarter, production guidance upgraded



November 27

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Strategic Metals and Rare Earths Letter International

September 16


Edison: TGO costs halved, DZP all but gets the thumbs up

September 8


Petra Capital: Tomingley generating significant cashflow

September 5


Alkane Resources slashes costs at Tomingley Gold Operations

September 4


Alkane Resources' Dubbo Zirconia Project receives approval recommendation

August 13

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Edison: Producing gold and Dubbo's prospects intact

July 21


Petra Capital: Gold production set to rise

July 21


BBY: Smooth start for Tomingley gold mine

June 26

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Strategic metals and rare earths letter - International

June 23
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Edison: Dubbo gets a boost

April 29
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Petra Capital: Tomingley Gold ramping up

February 14
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Proactive Investors: Alkane Resources pours first gold bar at Tomingley Gold Project in NSW

February 13
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Edison: First TGP revenues imminient

February 7
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BBY: Funding solution key to a re-rate

January 30
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Petra Capital: Approaching first gold production


December 9
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Edison: Caloma Two and DZP recoveries increase value

October 31
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Petra Captial: DZP adding value, TGP moving to cashflow

September 10
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Petra Captial: Tomingley on track, Dubbo progressing

August 1
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Edison: Continuing industry support for Dubbo

August 1
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Petra Capital: Quarterly update

July 17
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Petra Capital: Ferro-niobium JV signed

May 16
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Phillip Capital Research Report

April 11
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Petra Capital: DZP Feasibility study returns improve

February 27
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Edison Investment Research: First cash flows by end of 2013

February 12
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Petra Capital: First cashflow within 12 months

January 31
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Petra Capital: December quarterly update



December 19
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Rare Earth Elements Letter

December 19

Ellis Martin Report Interview

November 5
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Petra Capital: Update highlights project upside

November 2

Dubbo Zirconia Project

September 4
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Goldletter International: Special Situation - August 2011 Update

August 16
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Edison: Moving to Development

August 14

RareMetalBlog: Industry Leader Alkane Discusses 4 Most Desirable Rare Earths & Market Trends

August 14

Ellis Martin Report

August 13

RareMetalBlog: Aussie Tall Poppy Syndrome Takes a Run at Two Global Rare Earth Leaders Alkane & Lynas

August 10

Australian Mining Journal: All Eyes on ANSTO

August 9
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Petra Capital: Sale of McPhillamys Gold Project

August 8

RareMetalBlog: Alkane Scores Major MOU with Japanese Global Rare Earth Leader Shin-Estu

August 2
pdf-icon (55Kb) Alkane Resources Gets Government Permission For Its Gold Project, And A Major Japanese Partner For Its Rare Earths Project

July 27

Finance News Network

July 19

Ellis Martin Report

July 16
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Petra Capital: Rare earths MOU signed

July 9

Ellis Martin Report

June 27

RareMetalBlog: Alkane Resources Among the Top Tier of Heavy Rare Earth Producers Anticipated by 2014

June 18
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Petra Capital: Update highlights positive progress

May 14

Ellis Martin Report

April 2
pdf-icon (39Kb) Alkane Plans To Be Producing Gold From Tomingley By Early Next Year, And Rare Earths From Dubbo By 2014

March 24

Ellis Martin Report

March 10
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Australian Resources and Investment: Alkane's slice of the rare earths pie

March 6
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Petra Capital: Strong newsflow ahead

March 1
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Petra Capital: Strong demand for capital raising

February 17
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Petra Capital: Update highlights positive momentum

February 16

Ellis Martin Report

February 16
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Australian Journal of Mining: Alkane’s polymetallic Dubbo project: more than just rare earths

February 1
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Petra Capital: Set for significant rerating

January 26
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Edison Investment Research: Investment summary: Dubbo very robust


December 21
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Rare Earth Elements Letter: December 2011 Update

December 5
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Petra Captial: Site visit highlights

December 1

RareMetalBlog: Alkane's Multi-Commodity Strategy: Cash Flow & Profit

November 30
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Petra Captial: Strong project with several funding options

November 25

Ellis Martin Report

November 24
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Petra Captial: Rare earth pricing highlights upside

November 7
pdf-icon (41Kb) Alkane Will Shortly Join The Ranks Of The Gold Producers, But The Real Upside Remains In The Steadily Advancing Dubbo Zirconia Project

October 26
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Petra Captial: Niobium MOU Signed

October 26
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Edison Investment Research: Investment summary: Further MoU signed

October 23

Ellis Martin Report

September 28
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Edison Investment Research: Investment summary: Dubbo DFS

September 20

Ellis Martin Report

September 19
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RBS: Dubbo shoulders costs, capex

September 19
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MF Global: Conviction BUY

September 19
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Petra Capital: BFS outlines a robust project

September 13
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Rare Earth Elements Letter: Special Situation - September 2011

September 1
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RBS: Purchase highlights niobium necessity

August 22

Ellis Martin Report

August 17
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RBS: A closer look at Tomingley

August 17
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Petra Capital: Impressive results from Tomingley Gold

August 6

Tracy Weslosky Interviews Alkane Resources' Ian Chalmers in Sydney, Australia


Resource Spectator: Alkane inks zirconium oxychloride MOU with Mintech

July 26
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Petra Capital: Second MOU Signed

July 19
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The Royal Bank Of Scotland: Heavy Lifting

July 11

Ellis Martin Report 11 July 2011

June 30

Visit to the DZP Demonstration Plant, Technology Metals Research June 2011

June 14
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Petra Capital: Site Visit Highlights

June 2
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The Royal Bank Of Scotland: Things Are Getting Heavy

May 31
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Petra Capital: MOUs Plus Expansion Potential

May 28

Ellis Martin with Alkane Resources

May 27
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Edison Investment Research - Alkane Resources Update

May 23
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Gold Letter International - May 2011 Update

May 17
pdf-icon (216Kb)

Petra Capital: First MOU signed - more to come

May 16
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The Royal Bank Of Scotland: ALK on its way

April 27
pdf-icon (28Kb) Alkane Makes A Major Gold Discovery, But Rare Earths Remain The Driver

April 25

Ellis Martin with Ian Chalmers of Alkane Resources

April 20
pdf-icon (243Kb)

Petra Capital: Tomingley Gold One Step Closer

April 18
pdf-icon (810Kb)

The Royal Bank of Scotland - Alkane Resources: Zircon prices flow through

April 11

Ellis Martin Report with Alkane Resources

March 29
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Petra Capital - Alkane Resources: Outperformance set to continue

March 23
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Edison Investment Research - Alkane Resources

March 23
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Petra Capital - Alkane Resources: World Class Zirconia and REE project

March 14
pdf-icon (123Kb)

The Royal Bank of Scotland - Alkane Resources: Niobium Deal Supports ALK Valuation

March 3
pdf-icon (816Kb)

The Royal Bank of Scotland - Alkane Resources: Overlooked & Undervalued

January 20
pdf-icon (1.1Mb)

Rare Earth Elements Letter: Special Sitation - January 2011 Update

January 6
pdf-icon (27Kb) - Alkane scores a century after 23 years of trying



December 20
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Edison Investment Research - Alkane Resources Update

December 15

The Ellis Martin Report / Rare Metal Blog Audio

December 13
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Shaw Stockbroking - Alkane Recommendation Report

November 30

ABN Newswire Video Interview

November 25
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Resource Stocks - Dubbo - The Next Rare Earth Province

November 19

Boardroom Radio - Rare Earth Round Table Discussion - Click Here to Listen to the Broadcast

November 11

Forbes - Names You Need To Know In 2011: Alkane Resources, For Really Rare Earths

October 27
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Gold Letter International - October 2010 Update

October 11
pdf-icon (91Kb)

Audio Broadcast with Proactive Investors

October 11

Audio Broadcast with Proactive Investors - Click Here to Listen to the Broadcast

September 10
pdf-icon (1,556 Kb)

Australian Financial Review: Alkane's Mix Is Beautiful Chemistry

July 23
pdf-icon (302 Kb)

Edison Investment Research - Alkane Resources Report

July 21
pdf-icon (27Kb) - Alkane Says Goodbye to Inky and Hello To A Bright Future

July 14
pdf-icon (20Kb) - Remembrance of Ian Cornelius

June 13
pdf-icon (1.3 Mb)

GoldLetter International - June 2010

April 27
pdf-icon (35Kb)

SBS News - Why China Rules The Rare Metal Roost

April 22
pdf-icon (38Kb)

Mining News - Dubbo Could Hold The Key For Eudialyte Deposits

April 15
pdf-icon (30Kb) - Shares In Alkane Resources Surge As American Buyers Develop A Taste For It's Niobium, Zirconium And Rare Earths Project

April 8
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Emerging Trends Report – Investment Report Alkane Resources

February 22
pdf-icon (1.2 Mb)

Goldletter International - February 2010



August 20
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The Australian - Alkane Declares Independence

June 15
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Intersuisse June 09

June 9
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Stock Analysis Report

June 4
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State One Broker Report



September 15
pdf-icon (1.6 Mb)

Rare Opportunity - Forbes Asia.

September 9
pdf-icon (160 Kb)

BGF Equities - Warwick Grigor

July 21
pdf-icon (1.3 Mb)

The Australian - Alkane Stores up Gold and Rare Earth Fortune

July 11
pdf-icon (24Kb)

Australian Financial Review: Golden bullet gives another shot at riches. Available at by subscription

July 1
pdf-icon (24Kb) - Inside The Wire At Australia’s Leading Nuclear Facility, The “Guardroos” Watch Over Alkane’s Unique Rare Earths Project

June 4
pdf-icon (611 Kb)

State One - Production the next step for Alkane

pdf-icon (219 Kb)

SHAW Research - Morning Comments

pdf-icon (271 Kb)

Lonsec - Alkane Review

pdf-icon (240 Kb)

Lonsec - Small Resources Review



October 10
pdf-icon (513 Kb)

SHAW Research - Gold & Zirconia Shaping Up

October 9

Resource Investor - Rare Earth Metals - Tectonic Shift Looming for Rare Earth Market Dynamics

PERTH, Australia ( -- Buyers of rare earth elements are looking for potential alternatives to Chinese sources given a tight market is mooted for the medium term at least, and cropping up on their radars is the Australian rare earth hopeful Alkane Resources [ASX:ALK].

For more click the link above...

pdf-icon (595 Kb)

World Mining Stocks - Alkane turns itself into a major player.

pdf-icon (1.67 Mb)

Gold Mining Journal - Patience, persistence paying off for Alkane


(7.16 Mb)

Sky News - Alkane Exploration


pdf-icon (1.56 Mb)

Resource Stocks - Second Time Lucky

17 February
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DJ Carmichael's Research Report



1 December
pdf-icon (1.68 Mb)

The Australian - Alkane Exploration

6 September
pdf-icon (67Kb)

World's Largest Gold Producer to explore NSW Gold Fields

22 July
pdf-icon (672 Kb)

Resource Stocks Magazine - Perseverance pays off for metals finder

13 April
pdf-icon (475 Kb)

DJ Carmichael's Research Report